ART.VOTO: The Curious Vote to Art
ART.VOTO is an interdisciplinary assembly designed for impartial critical minds who have knowledge of art without having stakes in the movement of the art world economy.

WE evaluate art in its intrinsic facture and form : The art object is stripped of any branding and historical provenance. Placing the reputation of the art object in parentheses, so to speak, restores art to the status of something directly experienced, lived with, and contemplated.

Sidestepping "International Art English," ART.VOTO generates a dynamic model of critique: one which draws from areas of specialization that should relate to, but are not often cited, in discourses on art. This engagement provides an alternative platform that speak from and to a range of creative human constructions.

                 WE@ART.VOTO collapse segregated discourse through our scientific and democratic impetus, involving specialists from fields not normally associated with art business.
The questions raised by our publication can be considered a "third way" from absolute academic and insider journalism.
Not borrowing from art critic or art world conversations therin, offer artworks for a curious vote.

ask us: we at art dot voto